February 22, 2015

Snow Day Essentials

What makes a snow day perfect? movies, teapigs, chocolate? thehollypaige.blogspot.com

Who doesn't love a snow day--Sleeping in, pancakes for breakfast, wearing pajamas all day, watching movies, and admiring the beautiful snow from the comfort of your warm home. Unfortunately, I was beginning to think we wouldn't get any snow days in Arkansas this winter but much to my surprise, I woke up last Monday morning to a beautiful dusting of snow and a message from the university saying that campus was closed-a college student's dream!
Here are a few of my snow day essentials.

You can't have a snow day without a cozy blanket and wool socks. I love these socks all season but there is something about a snow day that makes them so much better. As far as movies go-Bridesmaids, Time Traveler's Wife, and Because I Said So are a few of my favorites. For any good snow day, chocolate is a must and these truffle Hershey Kisses are to die for! Last but certainly not least, this Chai Tea, I love holding a hot mug of tea in my hands when it's cold outside. Not pictured: pajamas, plush robe, and messy hair-all necessary for a truly successful snow day.

What are your snow day essentials?


  1. Bridesmaids is such a good film! I go for salted caramel green tea. It feels more appropriate in winter than fruit teas to me? idk I just love it

    1. Salted caramel green tea? that sounds delicious! where can I get some?