March 29, 2015

10 Pinterest Recipes to Try

Over the last two years of living by myself I have started to really enjoy cooking and trying to recipes. Fruity breakfasts and deserts are some of my favorite things, especially with spring approaching. Also, I like to think that the fruit makes it healthy. ;) Anyway, pinterest is the best place to find new things to try so here is a list of 10 fruity recipes I think look delicious.

10 fruity recipes to try

  1. Blueberry Pie Bars
  2. Raspberry Honey Tapioca
  3. Strawberries 'n Cream Quinoa
  4. Green Banana Blueberry Smoothie 
  5. Baked Oatmeal 
  6. Berry Monkey Bread  
  7. Banana Pancakes 
  8. Honey Roast Peaches
  9. Fruit Salsa with Baked Cinnamon Chips
  10. Berry Cheesecake Trifle
I can't wait to try the strawberries n cream quinoa, I think it looks so good! 

I hope you enjoyed looking at these recipes and I hope that you try them out!

Have you tried any of these recipes? If so, let me know how yummy they are.


  1. Thanks for these recipe ideas, I love making banana and egg pancakes with blueberries and honey! I have to try the strawberry and cream quinoa too! I love how you can use quinoa for sweet and savory dishes.

    Hanh x | hanhabelle

    1. I have made the pancakes and loved them but I bet the would be ever better with blueberries and honey, Great tip! Quinoa really is great for so many different things.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!