May 10, 2015

An Open Letter to my Mom

Dear Momma,

I tried to think of something special to do for you this mother's day, something like you'd never seen or done before but I had trouble coming up with something that was good enough for you. You deserve the best! I decided that I would write this letter, not only for you but for the rest of the world too. I want everyone to know that you are truly a blessing to everyone who knows you. Thank you for sacrificing your time to be at every school function, host every birthday party, and drive me everywhere I wanted to go. Thank you for being my best friend, the only person I can actually shop with, and for listening when I ramble about makeup or tea. You are the mother that every girl deserves and the friend that every girl dreams of. 

I'm sorry for getting mad at you every morning before school because you were running late; I'm sorry for being hateful when you didn't do things the way I thought they needed to be done, and I'm sorry for every hurtful thing I said during my moody teen years.

I want you to know, I am so proud to call you my mother and I pray that someday (a long time from now), I can be at least half the mother to my children that you have been to me.

Happy Mother's Day!

your one and only daughter.

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