September 15, 2015

Puppy Update!

Amora is now THREE months old!! It doesn't seem possible.

I'm sure people get tired of seeing her pictures and hearing me talk about her, but she is just so much fun! I love watching her learn and explore new things!

Amora Q. Puppy (as our niece calls her) is fully potty trained and has been for about a month! She sits at the door anytime she need to go outside. She loves playing fetch, dancing with Brandon and me, eating peanut butter, having her belly scratched, watching out the window, and playing in water.

Amora is a pro at 'sit' but is still struggling a little bit with 'down'. She is also getting pretty good and 'stay' and 'off' (for when she is biting).

She has so much personality and makes me laugh everyday!

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