March 01, 2015

February Favorites

I have been trying a lot of new products this month so I wanted to share the things I'm loving most in case any of you are interested in trying something new. 

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First of all, if you haven't watched the TV show Hart of Dixie, you need! I just finished all the seasons on Netflix and it was SO good! If you do watch it, who do you think Zoe should pick, George or Wade?????

Maybelline color tattoo, Neutrogena acne wash//

If you are like me, your skin has been incredibly dry during these winter months and you have searched everywhere for a moisturizer that would get the job done, well look no further, this Clinique lotion is amazing and luckily a little goes a long way-its quite expensive. I have also been loving this Neutrogena face wash, I use it every night. It is soothing and gentle on my skin and it has helped clear up some annoying acne. This maybelline cream eyeshadow quickly became a part of my everyday makeup routine. Mine is in the shade Barely Branded (I couldn't find it online), it is a great, simple color and it so easy to apply.

personal sized tea pot with infuser//

I was looking for a personal sized teapot that I could use with loose leaf tea and found this beauty on amazon. It makes about 3 cups of tea and is so perfect! I have used it almost everyday since I got it.

Teapigs was a wonderful discovery this month. I have tried several kinds of their tea but these three are my favorites. I drink Chai Tea regularly but this kind is especially good. The chocolate flake tea is unusual and great if you are craving something sweet in the evenings. Silver tips white tea is simple and absolutely delicious!

You know when you wash your face with long sleeves on and the water runs down your arms and your sleeves get wet and it is just terrible? Well, this is the perfect solution! This cute headband and wristband set keeps your hair and sleeves dry, I love it! 

I hope you enjoyed reading about the things I'm loving right now.
Leave a comment and let me know what your current favorites are!

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