March 13, 2015

Happy Friday #3 // Boosting Your Mood

I am so happy to finally see Friday roll around, how about you? This week has involved quite a bit of school work and rainy weather. Which by the way, I am totally over-I can't wait to see some spring weather. In case you have been having a yucky week, I'm sharing some things to help boost your mood and brighten your day.

how to boost your mood when your having a bad day:baby animals, tea and cookies, and new makeup

First of all, this one day old pygmy goat. Is she not the cutest thing you have every seen?! Not only did I get to play with this little girl all weekend, I got to watch her be born. It was incredible. 

Peppermint tea and thin mint girl scout cookies=the perfect combination! I thought I could ration out a box of cookies...I ate the whole box this week...

A new makeup routine is a quick and easy way to make your day seem brighter, I don't know why, but it works. If I wake up feeling extra sleepy or dreary I try to do something a little different/brighter with my makeup...maybe some sparkly eyeshadow or a bold lip?

I hope that you all have wonderful weekends and that one of these tips works for you! What is your favorite thing to do when you are need to boost your mood?

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