April 29, 2015

50 Facts About Me

Normally, today's post would consist of all my favorite beauty products and such from the past month but to be honest, April has flown by and I haven't really fallen in love with anything new.

I decided that in place of April favorites it would be fun to share 50 random facts about myself. I think it is so important to feel like you know the blogger behind the words so what better way than to know a bunch of random things about them..am I right?

Lets get started!
  1. I am 5'2''
  2. I am an only child
  3. My boyfriend and I have been together since we were 13 years old (we are now 21)
    Brandon and Holly 2007
  4. I have an irrational fear of full sized goats
  5. Birds freak me out
  6. I think whales are one of the coolest animals on Earth
  7. I love everything lavender 
  8. My favorite color change daily (today it's blue)
  9. I have watched the whole series of Gilmore Girls 3 times
  10. I am really bad at basketball 
  11. I am currently loving yoga 
  12. Brussels sprouts make me want to barf
  13. I have a huge collection of stuffed lambs
  14. I really want to have a tea party, one with old beautiful dresses, big hats, and miss matched tea sets 
  15. I can't accomplish anything if the area around me is messy
  16. The thought of arriving to a function late, makes me sick
  17. When I was little I had a pet rabbit named Strawberry
  18. I have Scoliosis
  19. If I could have any talent it would be to sing
  20. I have seen every Marvel movie in theater since 2012
  21. Thai food is my favorite
  22. My parents are the worlds best
  23. My dream is to be an occupational therapist
  24. Public speaking makes me want to cry
  25. I wish I hadn't quit piano lessons
  26. or ballet
  27. I cannot wait to be a wife
  28. One of my all time favorite movies is Because I Said So
  29. Someday I will have a claw foot bath tub
  30. My favorite places I have visited are Austin, TX and NYC
  31. I love chocolate 
  32. The show Pretty Little Liars gives me nightmares 
  33. I love reading but rarely find time to do it
  34. Do I run? Not unless I'm being chased
  35. I was born on Christmas day
  36. I don't watch scary movies
  37. Sometimes I add things to my "to do list" even after I have completed them just to get the satisfaction of crossing them off
  38. Cinderella is my favorite Disney princess (obviously) 
  39. I love learning new things, especially if they are science related
  40. I can't stand wearing jeans when I'm just sitting around so the very first thing I do when I get home is put on pajama pants. It doesn't matter if it is 10 o'clock at night or 1 o'clock in the afternoon.
  41. My favorite breakfast is a chocolate chip pancake with peanut butter on top
  42. My favorite thing about winter is wearing wool socks
  43. I absolutely love flowers
  44. My mom is my best friend
  45. My daddy is my hero
  46. I don't enjoy driving...at all
  47. I didn't actually learn how to swim until I was around 17 years old
  48. Someday I will travel to Paris
  49. Cooking dinner with Brandon is one my favorite parts of the day
  50. I put up my Christmas decorations at the beginning of November this year
I hope you enjoyed reading these totally random facts about me! Talk to you soon. 

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