June 17, 2015

If I had 100 Dollars to Spend at Sephora

Okay guys, I'm gonna be honest...I haven't properly put makeup on in a couple weeks. 

I'm in the middle of a pretty intense summer class, Vertebrate Zoology, and it requires a lot of time in the field studying fish, frogs, salamanders, lizards, and snakes. I just haven't seen any reason or had time to mess with makeup...seriously, you're lucky if I put mascara on. 

To be honest, it has been quite nice. My morning routine has been super laid back and simple but I'm starting to crave a reason to really fix my hair, get dressed up, and put makeup on! 

That being said, I have started doing some online window shopping at Sephora...but unfortunately, my "beauty budget" is pretty much nonexistent at the time. So here is what I would buy IF I had 100 dollars to spend at Sephora. 

Clinique Cheek Pop in the shade peach pop. I have seen so many rave reviews for these blushes and I think this color is beautiful and summery.

Bite Beauty Lipstick Duo with the shades tangerine and lingonberry. I don't have a good reason for wanting this product. I just think it looks like fun. 

Lavanila Vanilla Grapefruit Rollerball . Vanilla Grapefruit?! This sounds delicious! 

Butter London Nail Lacquer  in the shade jolly good! I love the name! 

Fresh Sugar Lemon Body Lotion I love citrus scents for summer! 

What would you buy if you have some extra money to spend at Sephora?

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