January 16, 2016

How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea

If you have read this blog since it started, you will be familiar with my love for tea. It is rare for me to go a day without a cup of hot tea. And while I have a ton of different types of tea and I thoroughly enjoy all of them, there is something about the perfect cup of plain black tea that is my all time favorite.

For me, drinking a cup of tea is about much more than just the delicious taste and energy boost. I love the process of making the perfect cup. Waiting to hear my kettle whistle when the water starts boiling, picking out my favorite mug of the day, seeing the color of tea seep out of the tea bag, the beautiful swirl of white as I pour in my almond milk....I know this sounds crazy but I really do love it. And after all of that, the best part is still holding the wonderfully warm mug in hands and relaxing.

Today I'm letting you in on a secret...my method for making the perfect cup of tea.

I am by no means an expert, I simply know what I like and I hope to help some of you enjoy drinking your tea as much as I do. 

What You'll Need:

PG Tips Black Tea Bags
Your Favorite Mug
A Tea Kettle (or a microwave)
Locally Grown Pure Honey
Vanilla Unsweetened Almond Milk

The Process:

Boil FRESH water in the kettle.
Let it cool to about 208 degrees Fahrenheit. (If the water is too hot it can burn the tea leaves making it taste bitter)
Pour the hot water over a single PG Tips tea temple and leave it to steep for 4 minutes (I cover my mug with a lid or a small plate to reduce the amount of heat lost).
Add a small amount of pure honey-about 1/2 teaspoon.
Pour in about a tablespoon of almond milk and watch the beautiful swirl of white as it mixes with the tea (this is my favorite part).

Finally, grab a few ginger snap cookies for dunking and cozy up with a blanket and your perfect cup of tea!

Tea Kettle/ MacKenzie Childs(the tea kettle of my dreams) Mug/ MacKenzie Childs Tea/ PG Tips

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