February 08, 2016

A Thank You Letter to my Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,

I want to thank you for last (nearly) nine years of our life together. You have been by best friend, confidant, dance partner, study partner, motivator, and so much more. When most people talk about a significant other, they say "I can't imagine my life without them" but I can imagine my life with you---Its sad and lonely and unbearable and I NEVER want to actually experience that life. You make my life great and I want to thank you for a few of the ways you do that. I could make a list of a million things.

Thank you for massaging my back without any hesitation. Every time my back hurts (which is unfortunately, most days) you don't even wait for me to ask, you just offer to help.

Thank you for scraping ice off my car in the winter so that I don't have to stand in the cold. You know that my hands get too cold and I can't reach the center of the window.

Thank you for letting me cry and wiping away my tears.

Thank you for your unwavering support and encouragement though four years of college and reminding me before every exam that "you can't have no in your heart". I don't think I could have done it all without you.

Thank you for having dance parties in the kitchen with me while we cook.

Thank you for making me laugh everyday. As they say, laughter is the best medicine.

Thank you for getting me chocolate when its that time of the month and I think I'll die without it. Also, for heating my heating pads and making me tea.

Thank you for telling me I'm pretty without any make up on.

Thank you for not judging me when I put on pajama pants at two in the afternoon.

Thank you for loving me at my worst just as much as you love me at my best.

Thank you for singing with me at the top of our lungs during road trips, despite the fact that we are quite bad at singing.

Thank you for always sharing your food with me even after I tell you that I don't want any of it. Especially when I decided I want to try the last bite...

Most importantly, Thank you fore being YOU! I love that you research everything, you make your own decisions (even if they are against what some people think), you work hard at everything you do, and you love me for who I am.

Love, Your Future Wife

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